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Viral Money Method by Matthew Neer & Travis Stephenson Posts

Viral Money Magnet Review Full Version

Thanks for checking out my website, you’ve come to the right place if your looking for a unbiased honest review of Viral Money Magnet created by non other than six figure internet marketing expert Matthew Neers.

Viral Money Magnet Created By Mathew Neers & Travis Stephenson

Viral Money Magnet Review


                                                      Creator :                Matthew Neer & Travis Stephensom

Product :               Viral Money Magnet

Launch Date :       2016-02-07

Launch Time :      09:00 am EST

Launching Price :   $9

After Launch:          $27

Niche :                 Web Based Software

Sales Page :           >>Click Here<<

 What is Viral Money Magnet Software?

It  is an epic web based software that will give you the coolest and most ingenious way to post content on the web so that it will go viral  and direct thousands of visitors to your website.

The software itself will create you the stunning good looking viral website and also would be hosted on viral money magnet hosting server. So you don’t need to have a domain name and also you don’t need the hosting.

This is a great way for newbies along with more advanced Internet Marketers to make money online by sharing content that will go viral!

Keep reading my review about this software, I will show you how special Viral Money Magnet Software works

How Viral Money Magnet System works?

For every website you create in Viral money Magnet will share one popular viral youtube of your choice.On the very same page you would have your 2 banners promoting your offers.Its all up to you what you wish  to promote.

The offer you want to promote can be any offer, it may be click bank offer,any CPA offer or your own product.

Also you can integrate your getresponse autoresponder if you want to collect email subscribers

This website looks very professional. Here is the screen shot how it would look like.I have marked the ads in red border which would be your offer you want to promote and also the share icons.

Viral Money Magnet Website

This website page would belongs to you.

Also if you look carefully it allows to share via facebook, twitter and google+. So Whenever visitors visits your page and watch the videos and they share them with Facebook, Twitter or Google+, these sites will drive traffic back to your website page again thus bringing more visitors to view your ads

This website is just created with a few clicks within the software and its easy for any one to do.

Also the software manages to bring traffic to your website via facebook as they have created a facebook page where your website is posted on autopilot when you create your website in the system. Isn’t it cool?

The above post has got about  33 views while taking the screen shot and it is free traffic.

Bonuses Offered By Matthew Neers

Bonus : There would be webinar on 15th Feb with Travis Stephenson only for viral money magnet members revealing the true secrets of making over $10,000 per week.Travis would be showing  How he Drives Traffic, Create Campaigns, Generate Leads, And Most Importantly… MAKE MONEY!

Below are the details Travis would be revealing…

  • See How I Generated 138,000 Clicks For An Average Of .003/ Click!.
  • Let Me Show You EXACTLY How I Got $2,650 In Sales To My Online Store From ONE SOCIAL MEDIA POST And ZERO BUDGET!
  • Discover How I Generate 50-100 Leads/ Day On Total And Complete Autopilot Without Spending A SINGLE PENNY!
  • Watch As I Log Into My Accounts And Prove How To Make $2,600 in 6 Days While On Vacation In Hawaii!
    At The End I’ll Let YOU Choose The Niche And Campaign And Watch As I Create A Profitable Campaign In 18 Minutes Flat!

This would be a very valuable golden nuggets to grab.

Viral Money Magnet Software Training

My Verdict On Viral Money Magnet

I would highly recommend to have your hands on this as it do not require a domain and hosting.With a few clicks you can generate your own website.The part you need to really work on is you should have a high eye catching banners for your affiliate offers and if its congruent with the viral you tube video the traffic is more likely to buy.

If you have a autoresponder with getresponse you can also have email subscribers to whom you can promote in future.Again this is optional.

Also major of the time banners are available in the vendors affiliate tools.You can grab one from there and put on your website.

Also once you have this page, you too can post your page to the relevant facebook group which would bring more traffic with your additional efforts.

As website created for you has option to share it can go viral and bring you loads of traffic.

Just ask your self if you want to create this kind of website How much time and efforts you have to put but this website can be created with few clicks within Viral Money Magnet System.

I would highly recommend to grab this system and start creating your own website which would go viral to bring you more traffic and more sales.

Oh yes, don’t miss my exclusive bonuses which will add further value to the course.

My Exclusive Bonuses

viral money magnet review bonus-1 viral money magnet review bonus-2 viral money magnet review bonus-3 viral money magnet review bonus-4

viral money magnet claim my bonuses





How To Claim Your Bonuses?

*Important Note:  All your BONUSES will be delivered directly  inside the W+ Customer Portal Area below “Access your purchase” button.

If for any reason you are not able to access the bonuses just email to and will get back to you within 24 hours.



Viral Money Magnet by Matthew Neers Coming Soon

Update – detailed review with demo of Viral Money Magnet published here

If you have heard about Mathew Neers before, his personal brand, products, the information he was shared to everyone of you then you should not miss his product this time!

This brand new product is called as viral money magnet coming soon, which  will be launched on 7th Feb  9 AM 2016. And the front end price point will be at 7$ for this software.

Viral Money Magnet is the software which will give you the hottest and most powerful way to post viral content around the web which will go viral  and collecting thousands of visitors to your site.The software actually will create a viral website and you don’t need to pay for hosting fees.This is one of the great way for newbies to start making money by earning commissions, simply by sharing the content which would be going viral.

You will likely unexpected how this software will bring you a tons of benefits that can help you make sales and earn good commissions

I’m going to give you a BEST Deal here! I will posting my details review, software demo and HIGH VALUE bonuses, make sure you keep your eyes here.

Alright. Stay tune!

Click here for the detailed review of Viral Money Magnet – Walkthrough the Member’s Area and Exclusive Bonuses